Yolandi La Grange Music

A Cape Town based music teacher, and singer & pianist available for weddings and events


Up until the age of 4 years I'd had dreams of being a train driver, but it was at this time that my ambitious mother decided all three girls were going to learn piano and I decided that I wanted to “become a piano player” instead. A few years later I realised I loved singing too and decided to study music as a matric subject – completing The Royal School Exams up to Gr.8 level in both instruments and taking part in every school musical and show. I then went on to complete my Bachelor of Music, with a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, in piano and voice and then my Honours Degree in singing performance, both at the University of Cape Town. Since then I’ve taught all levels of music, but I’m especially passionate about teaching piano. My other great love is performance and I sing and/or play piano for weddings, corporate events, hotels and concerts. I’m currently working on a few new voice and piano pieces for recording - feel free to have a listen to some of my work on SoundCloud.

I love yoga, hiking, mountain biking, and food. I have two cats, who love destroying the lounge curtains, and my favourite colour might be grey, green, or blush pink. I love travelling, particularly anywhere with a warm sea.


Early Years

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